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Cath Little

Cath has loved drawing and painting since being a child and graduated from Leeds University with an honour’s degree in teaching art many years ago. However, after a short spell in the classroom, she followed a very different career path that left her with little opportunity to practice her love of painting until she retired in 2010

Since then, she has re-discovered herself as an ‘artist’ and her love of the local area where she now lives in a beautiful house nestled in woodland

Her work reflects her interest in colour, passion for nature and the local area. She has somewhat ‘loose’ style which is the product of trying to capture a fleeting moment in time and, for that reason, she works almost exclusively with a painting knife and acrylic paint which allows her to work quickly.

Cath also takes animal portrait commissions but her real love is to paint what she sees everyday on her walks and travels with her dogs. Cath does not have a website but she is happy to respond to any messages sent to
her email address cath.little@live.co.uk


Cath Little assorted acrylic paintings 2

Cath Little acrylic paintings

Cath Little Assorted Acrylic Paintings