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Carole Zagrovic

Carole was born in Staithes and has spent most of her life in the village.

A charity manager, Carole has raised huge amounts of money for many deserving causes she has worked with, spanning some 40 years, from foundations, charitable trusts and contracts.

Looking to retire, Carole picked up her interest in photography, from a hobby in the early 90’s, using a 35mm SLR and developing her own B&W prints at a local school facility.

Carole remembers being inspired attending workshops, in those early days, with Ian MacDonald, a local photographer with an international reputation, who Carole has followed and admired for many years.

Carole has recently developed her interest and skills in fusing glass and both her fused glass and photographs can be found in the Craft Centre.

“I am really pleased to be a member of Staithes Arts and Crafts and to work with some very talented, creative and fun to be around artists and crafters, especially as 10% of all purchases go towards the upkeep of St Peter’s Church”.


Seahorse fused glass

Illuminated Flowers fused glass

Carp fused glass

Carole Zagrovic Boats fused glass

Bonsai Tree fused glass