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 Welcome to Staithes Arts and Crafts! - an Aladdin's cave of handmade/handcrafted/handpainted treasures!


The St Peter's building is in desperate need of renovation and restoration. This year we continue to raise funds towards replacing the roof and making the upstairs rooms watertight . This will cost 40k. Members of our group have been tasked with raising money for this work.


Project Table: Succulents and Crochet Plant Holders

COMING SOON... - we hope you'll come and support us with our fund raising for the Church by purchasing from our Project Table events

Workshop: Hand Stitch with Judith 4th July - prebooking required - please see workshop page for full details 

Project Table: Indoor Plants from 6th July


We are a cooperative group of artists and crafters who produce a range of high quality, hand made goods to sell in St Peter's Church from early/mid March into the beginning of November.

We are known as Staithes Arts and Crafts (SAAC).

Our makers range from gifted hobbyists to successful professionals, each sharing the day to day running of the Centre and supporting each other in our quest to deliver a first class outlet to purchase unique pieces. Many of the makers have previous links to Staithes, and afew live here.

Our vast range of goods includes - fine art paintings, wildlife art, sterling silver jewellery, ceramics, driftwood sculptures, textile art, photography, knitted and crochet goods, papercraft, print work, fused glass, handmade soap and much more. We hold a lovely selection of unique greeting cards, coasters and prints too.

Staithes Arts and Crafts is often described as an Aladdin's cave of delights!

The Craft Centre started over 25 years ago under the name of 'We Made It'. 

A group of Staithes friends got together to sell their hand made wares, firstly at the gallery, and later at a variety of other venues. These included the tiny building, (since demolished), outside what is now Trudie's, and the old school room - also demolished. The old Methodist Chapel schoolroom was also host for a time. 

It ran for several years until a collaboration was formed with the church at St Peters. The church was struggling to remain viable and was in a terrible state of repair. The craft group offered to pay a fee to the church in exchange for the space and freedom to use the building. The constitution of the building was divided into St Peters Church and separately the Arts and Crafts group. 

Since that time, the Arts and Crafts group has contributed a substantial amount of its' takings to the upkeep of the building and, together with grants, fundraising activities etc, the building has been maintained and substantially improved. The crumbling structure was repaired and made safe, windows repaired or replaced and original features were restored. One member vividly remembers sitting behind the counter in the early days with her young daughter whilst bits of flaking paint and  plaster from the ceiling fell from above! The building has protected status therefore the basic fabric of it cannot be altered.

Within the last few years, central heating and WiFi have been installed, exhibition standard hanging wires installed on both floors and the whole building made into a good state of repair and decoration. The most recent refurbishment, completed mid 2019, include a much needed damp course, new kitchen and toilet facilities, and LED lighting in the Craft Centre.

The Craft Centre remains a great opportunity, not only for the current artists using it from around mid March into the first week of November, but for the whole community. In November 2020, The St Peters CIC was formed to ensure the ongoing upkeep of the building and to create a thriving community hub for the use of the whole village and surrounding areas. SAAC continue to support them and work together with them to fundraise and help create a number of events throughout the year.

We are planning an annual calendar of events including, workshops, exhibitions, musical gatherings, coffee mornings etc .

If you would like to put on an event, or would like to be informed of upcoming events, please get in touch by e/mail alantaylorart@gmail.com










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